Whee Believe Everyone Has the Right to Be Their Most Beautiful Selves

Personal Statement… Creative Expression… Putting Your Best Self Forward…
Makeup and Beauty mean many different things to many different people.
There are two things that everyone has in common:
1) find the best products that work for you AND 2) learn how to use them.


No More Wasting: Find the best products that work for you, your sensitivities, coloring and preferences. Our easy-to-use visual search is 94% faster and >90% more accurate than star reviews. Save time, money and the environment!

1:1 Consultations

It’s All About YOU: Schedule a 1:1 personalized beauty session so you learn on YOUR face, not someone else’s. Your instructor will coach you how to put your best self forward and learn how to personalize your beauty.

Group Classes

Learn New Skills: Join a class where you can learn some of the top makeup techniques and collaborate with some of your new makeup besties. It’s all about the learn!


Wheesearch, Inc. believes in diversity, inclusion, fairness and empowerment for all. Whee also believe your time and money are valuable, and that unwanted beauty products make our world unbeautiful and harm the environment. Our vision is for human beauty and earth beauty to coexist, while everyone can spend their time and dollars where they matter most.

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